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Founded in 2014 by Sandra Nadeau, Mille et Une Noix lovingly and carefully creates smooth butters and exquisite blends that harness the splendour of the world’s finest nuts.

Peanut, Almond and Hazelnut Butters, Cocoa Hazelnut Spread and Amlou are just a few of the treats that Mille et Une Noix makes semi-artisanally in our Sherbrooke location.

All of our classic nut butters, many of which are certified organic by Ecocert, contain a single ingredient: the nut. Free of palm oil, artificial sugar or salt, our gourmet mixes are also made from simple, natural ingredients.

To guarantee the quality of our final product, Sandra, who’s actively involved at all levels of production, carefully selects her suppliers. This commitment to quality, combined with the owner’s unique expertise and proven techniques, gives Mille et Une Noix butters their delicious flavour and extraordinarily creamy texture!

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Environmental awareness

Reusable Jars and Bulk Distribution

Out of concern for the environment, the company has adopted reusable glass jars and favoured bulk sales and distribution in local and independent grocery stores from the very beginning. We have also established a deposit system that allows us to pick up our bulk buckets from retailers and reuse them.

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