How long can your nut butters be stored for?

Our nut butters can be stored for up to one year at room temperature or in the refrigerator. We recommend stirring them regularly to maintain their smooth consistency.

Should I store your nut butters in the fridge or in the pantry?

We find that our nut butters taste much better when stored at room temperature! However, if you wish to avoid having the oil rise to the surface, you can also store them in the refrigerator once they have been stirred well.

Is it normal to see two layers, one oily and one solid?

It is totally normal for the oil naturally contained in the nuts to rise to the surface of our butters, since we don’t use any stabilizing agent to prevent the layer from forming.

How do I get a uniform consistency when the oil rises to the surface of my nut butter?

For our nut butters to regain their homogeneous texture, all you have to do is stir them well with a spoon or even put them in a food processor for 30 seconds.

Are the nuts used to make your butters roasted or raw?

All the nuts used in our butters are dry roasted at very low temperatures by local roasting experts—connoisseurs who can gauge the nuts’ roasting time just by touch.

Why do you use roasted nuts to make your butters?

Roasting enhances the nuts’ flavour and gives our butters a delicious, toasted look. It also removes all the moisture from the nuts, which gives our butters their distinctive smooth texture.

Why do you use roasted nuts to prepare your butters?

By roasting our nuts, we also limit pathogens and the risk of contamination

Are your glass jars designed to fit Mason jar lids?

Our glass jars are certified Mason containers and therefore compatible with Mason lids.

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