Organic Creamy Hazelnut Butter

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A true gourmet pleasure! Hazelnut butter brings out the sweetness of this nut. Anyone who tries it falls in love, and many have even told us they eat it out of the jar with a spoon! You’ll love it on your toast, as an oatmeal or ice cream topping, and even in salad dressings.

To get the texture so smooth and silky, we use only the highest quality dry roasted Turkish hazelnuts. And to guarantee peak freshness, our team only grinds the nuts once you’ve placed your order.

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Hazelnuts from Turkey


Our Organic Creamy Hazelnut Butter can be stored for up to six months at room temperature or in the refrigerator once opened. We recommend stirring it regularly to maintain its consistency. Refrigeration prevents the oil from rising to the surface.