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Customer Testimonials

At least this lockdown will have had its benefits—a wonderful find! My toast tastes like heaven. I’m unable to eat anything but this nut butter. Wow!

Marlène Tremblay

We bought the organic peanut butter and organic hazelnut butter. OMG are they good! I love the idea of buying in bulk and having it delivered to my house. Thank you!

Julie Fauteux McKay

The freshness of the products: the best ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Vicky Biquette Ouellet

Here, we swear by their natural peanut butter, which has a better consistency than other similar products. I just tried the hazelnut cocoa date butter—what a treat! But more importantly, a treat with a list of ingredients that works for me!

Mariève Mc Gee

I’ve never had hazelnut butter this good in my life!

Judy Ferland