Our production moves to our very first PLANT!

For several months now, I have been working "behind the scenes" on a major project: moving our production to our very first FACTORY!

Indeed, a little more than three years after our move to our current production workshop, we had to admit that this space had become too small for the current needs of Mille et Une Noix.

This space, which at the beginning hosted our store in addition to our production, seemed so big to us...

To free up space, we first moved our store to Promenades King in Sherbrooke last January. But even with our initial location now 100% dedicated to production, we still lacked the space to meet the demand and to allow the company to grow.

Also, since none of our processes are currently automated (filling jars, labeling, moving jars and boxes, etc.), the current production pace had become unsustainable for my precious team.

So in May, I went on In the Eye of the Dragon with the goal of partnering to expand and modernize the production facility. In the end, I left without a deal, but with a lot of encouragement - and, most importantly, renewed confidence and an even clearer vision of my goal.

It didn't take long after the show to find another solution and get my project underway.

The location - the factory - where our manufacturing will soon be relocated will allow us to grow from an annual production capacity of 85 tons of nut butter to up to 500 tons per year! Several processes, including those mentioned above, can also be automated with the appropriate machinery.

But don't worry, the preparation of our butters will still remain semi-artisanal, as many steps will continue to be done manually, with love, by our team. Partial automation will simply save us a lot of repetitive movements and heavy lifting.

This move to the factory also means a higher quality product! Indeed, I am currently working closely with specialized engineers for the layout of the premises to make it possible to obtain new quality certifications. Thanks to them, we will be able to dream of exporting... Aaaah one of these days, who knows!

Factory, automation, export... Phew! All this still seems a bit unreal to me. Even though I'm very proud of this upcoming change, I still have a hard time just saying the word "factory" when talking about our new production space. To think that in 2014, I was starting my business in my basement!

Nevertheless, I am confident that with the experience we have acquired since the beginning of Mille et Une Noix, we are there and we have the capacity to go to that level.

And I owe this great step to you, my faithful consumers.

You may believe wrongly that this important change for us will not be significant for you. But it is!

Accompanying us in this step means that you will soon have access to even better quality products, that you will continue to support a local company whose production is also local, and that you will contribute to creating jobs in good working conditions right here in Quebec.

And that is precious! Thank you for continuing to believe in our products and for choosing them!

- Sandra Imane